Statement of support for the Central Committee

Over the past week, sections of the PCR-RCP have engaged in internal discussion and debate over the current situation in the Party. Sections were asked by the Central Committee to either affirm or deny support for the current legitimate leadership of the Party. The following sections have voted unanimously in support of the legitimacy of the current leadership of the PCR-RCP, and the current Central Committee’s ability to lead the Party. We want to emphasize that these votes do not indicate support for one side or another in the ongoing line struggle, but rather represent support for the unity of the Party and the legitimacy of its elected leadership.

RCP Saskatoon Branch
RCP Sudbury Branch
RCP Ottawa Branch
RCP Peterborough Branch
RCP Toronto Branch
RCP Hamilton Branch
RCP Kitchener-Waterloo Branch
PCR Quebec City Branch
RCP-OC Winnipeg
PCR-CO Outaouais
PCR-RCP Rectification Project Montreal
RCP-OC Wolfeville
RCP-OC Halifax
RCP-OC Charlottetown

-PCR-RCP Secretariat

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