Response to the Statement of the Quebec District

Recently, the Quebec district of the PCR-RCP made a statement on the expulsions of four comrades from Montreal. The Central Committee denounces this statement, and declares its contents to be both false and void. The Central Committee considers the four comrades to be expelled.

For those who have not yet been made aware of the circumstances around the expulsion of the four members: On March 4th, the PCR-RCP attempted to hold the book launch of J. Moufawad-Paul’s Continuity and Rupture at Maison Norman Bethune. During the book launch, there was a physical altercation that ended the event prematurely. The altercation occurred between four members of the Montreal branch of the PCR-RCP on the one side, and three other PCR-RCP supporters on the other side. The three who were attacked have been branded “anti-party elements” by the Montreal branch, an evalutation that the Central Committee does not share and which was not made by the organization as a whole. In the midst of the presentation, four party members stormed into the Maison Norman Bethune, physically assaulted the three individuals classified as “anti-party”, and forcibly ejected them despite the protests of the author and others in attendence. At no point did any of the three individuals attempt to disrupt the book launch. One of these three individuals had their glasses stomped on and broken. They were all followed to the nearby Metro station and called a variety of names, including some chauvinist slurs. These four were subsequently expelled by decision of the Central Committee.

Turning now to the Quebec District statement surrounding the expulsions, we wish to draw attention to several issues:

First: the in the statement, the Quebec district overturns the decision of the Central Committee to expel the four comrades. The Quebec district, in no uncertain terms, does not have the authority to overturn decisions of the Central Committee. These four individuals are, without question, still expelled from the PCR-RCP. All Party members and supporters are required to uphold these expulsions. We note that, despite accusations to the contrary, this is part of an alarming pattern of behaviour where the Quebec district of the PCR-RCP, despite having neither a majority of members nor leadership positions, attempts to substitute itself for the Party centre. Such a situation is not sustainable in a Party operating under democratic centralism.

Second: the statement suggests that in the developing line struggle what is at stake is “the MLM conception of mass work, the mass line, and proletarian feminism… the centrality of the working class, revolutionary action in an imperialist country, and the strategy of protracted peoples’ war.” We reject this conception, and charge that it is a deliberately dishonest portrayal of the line struggle: the PCR-RCP is unified on the centrality of the working class as the makers of revolution, and we are unified on the strategy of PPW. We re-assert that the line struggle is about: conceptions of the mass-line, and specifically: proletarian feminism, trans liberation, sex work, and the Party’s orientation towards unions.

Third: the statement makes reference to an “anti-party clique” which has taken control of the PCR-RCP, and which has made its mission the rejection of the PCR-RCP’s conceptions, Programme, and practice. We find this to be an absurd and condemnable statement. Indeed, it seems that the Quebec District labels anyone who disagrees with them as “anti-party”. The Central Committee -of which 9 of its 11 members supposedly belong to this “clique”, alongside 80% of the Party’s membership- remains committed to the PCR-RCP, to the broad conceptions contained in its Programme, and to a correct Maoist practice which has historically characterized the Party’s work. In turn, despite full agreement with the general strategic conception and outlines contained in the Programme, we note that there are aspects of the Programme which need improvement and updating: the Programme is, after all, over 10 years old, and our practice has improved during those 10 years. Those that oppose even examining the limits of the Programme after 10 years do so with a profound anti-mass arrogance, which, to be frank, is detached from reality and the profound shifts in capitalism since 2006. In turn, against charges that an anti-party clique has taken control of the Party, we charge that the so-called “historic leadership group”, as identified and critiqued at our Third Congress, is now attempting to control the direction of the PCR-RCP in an undemocratic and illegitimate manner from outside of the Party’s leadership structures.

We are sure that not all supporters of the PCR-RCP in Montreal share the perspectives of the Quebec OB. Insofar as the Quebec OB is obfuscating any attempt for the Party leadership to contact the supporters in Montreal, we call on supporters of the Party in Montreal who uphold the legitimate leadership and structure of the Party to reach out to us at:

In closing, the Central Committee reasserts its right to lead the direction of the Party. We reassert that the four comrades in question are expelled. We condemn the Quebec district for attempting to undermine the democratic centralism of the PCR-RCP. We call on all supporters of the PCR-RCP to rally around the legitimate leadership of the Party, and legitimate Maoist perspectives, and to continue the work of building revolution in Canada.

-Central Committee, PCR-RCP

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